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More efficient business processes through IBAN-Name Check integration with AFAS Profit

As a digital business partner ilionx advises on appropriate IT solutions. Within this organisation a lot of time was lost in manual processes such as validating and checking customer data. Therefore, Finance Director Nick Denee and the Chief Financial Officer of ilionx went looking for an organisation that can check and validate IBANs, in combination with AFAS Profit. This is how ilionx came to improvit, which offers links that allow clients to purchase SurePay's IBAN-Name Check.

Fred Moerkerken, project manager at ilionx was involved in the process and tells below about the implementation and what it achieved.

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Quality and security within the organisation

The IBAN-Name Check is integrated in the AFAS Profit link which ilionx uses. ilionx receives a notification in the workflow when an account number is changed in the system of AFAS Profit. The IBAN-Name Check then automatically checks this change. With this solution, existing and new suppliers are checked, to be sure that the account number belongs to the organisation they pay. In addition, ilionx uses the IBAN-Name Check to record data to meet their security and audit requirements. This ensures a quality and certainty within the organisation.

Check in milliseconds

Checking customer data is done in milliseconds.

Adjust new data directly in the administration

In case of a 'no match', ilionx contacts the supplier concerned to find out the reason for the notification. If, for example, the ascription of the bank account number is different, AFAS Profit registers this correctly. It is then automatically included in the IBAN-Name Check so that the new, correct data is immediately processed in the administration.

SurePay indicates that the message 'close match' is also useful for ilionx, in case of a typo it shows the name that is known to the bank. After checking whether the suggested name is indeed the person or company you mean, you can adopt it.

Previously, this was a manual process and the reason for the change was not recorded.

NOTE: The system of AFAS Profit assumes that the name of the supplier is the same as the name of the account number. This often results in a 'no match'. The IBAN-Name Check can deviate, check and record this. The result is a match.

Less time spent checking customer data

The implementation and cooperation went smoothly, within 2-3 weeks everything was set up and last-minute adjustments were made within a day. For ilionx, this was immediately a great improvement on their manual processes. They also spend much less time checking customer data and each financial controller can quickly look at the data. This is because these are implemented within milliseconds in each workflow.

AFAS Profit uses file items and workflows, therefore the flexibility is optimal for ilionx. The complete process is followed in AFAS InSite.

ilionx now checks invoices by name and account number. In the future, as many checkpoints as possible and the checking of foreign accounts would be interesting. Think of the Companies Check: the KVK-number is confirmed while an IBAN-Name Check is performed. This helps organisations with their AML and KYC/KYS requirements.

"The IBAN-Name Check contributes to our security and audit requirements; customer data is checked and valid."

Fred Moerkerken, Projectmanager ilionx

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Client case a.s.r.

Drop-out rate for online onboarding reduced

from 10 tot 15%.

"Thanks to the IBAN-Name Check, the drop-out rate for online onboarding has been reduced from 100 to 10-15% and we have less administration.''

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