On 19 May, Febelfin announced the introduction of an IBAN-Name Check (IBAN-Naam Controle). This is a great step towards protecting banks and their customers against fraud and help reduce misdirected payments. Fraudsters are getting more and more creative: the rise of digital banking fraud is increasing throughout Europe, via phishing, spoofing, APP fraud, invoice fraud…

SurePay's IBAN Name-Check helps customers and businesses make payments more secure. This innovative, real-time name check solution gives payers greater assurance that their payments will go to the intended recipient. In addition, operational costs are saved on the bank side.

We have been providing this service to all major Dutch banks since 2017. Today, SurePay provides the IBAN-Name Check in the UK and France, while at the same time introducing new services in the Netherlands and expanding in Europe to offer cross border and domestic checks.

We are looking forward to sharing our insights and experiences to help as many banks as possible protect their customers.