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After the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, Belgium will also implement an IBAN-Name Check to protect banks and their customers against fraud and incorrect payments.

With this solution, Belgian banks can also choose to verify a transaction by checking whether the correct name is linked to an IBAN number, even for international transactions.

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The IBAN-Name Check

The IBAN-Name Check provides financial institutions with an account check that they can seamlessly integrate into their online environments. Bank customers can thus always be sure in real time that the recipient data they have entered is correct when they make an online transfer. If the recipient data entered differs from that known to the recipient database, the user is alerted to a risk even before the payment transaction is completed. In the case of minor differences such as typing errors, a correction suggestion can be generated. This automated verification has been proven to help significantly reduce payment fraud and erroneous transfers.

  • Makes payments transactions more secure
  • Helps to avoid errors
  • Protects against fraud

SurePay takes off in Belgium

SurePay is the initiator and market leader of the IBAN-Name Check for banks and organisations. Founded in 2016, the FinTech company has already successfully established its outstanding solutions on the market in the Netherlands and the UK. After four years of development and optimisation of the algorithm and the services, SurePay is now also pursuing its mission to make payment transactions more secure in Belgium and other EU countries.

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The SurePay smart algorithm

SurePay's algorithm combines cutting-edge data science techniques with deep payment expertise to prevent fraud and errors before they happen. It intelligently identifies and interprets typos, abbreviations, synonyms and many other common causes of discrepancies between the input and the stored data. The algorithm is also able to distinguish between first and last names and initials, and recognises when several holders belong to an account, an account is inactive, or the payee has changed the account.

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A seamless privacy-compliant user experience

The automated check by IBAN-Name Check takes place in real time and, when correct data is entered, simply fits into the usual payment process, so that the verification does not affect the user experience in any way. The immediate verification result appears automatically as soon as the customer has filled in the relevant fields.

The protection of customer data is the top priority. Thus, all customer data is used in accordance with the strictest data protection regulations based on the BDSG and DSGVO. In addition, SurePay is ISAE 3402 certified and ISO 27001 compliant. No sensitive data under data protection
sensitive data is disclosed and only correction suggestions based on the customer's input are made. For example, if a customer only enters the recipient's initials, only corrected initials can be suggested, but not full first names.


SurePay has performed over four billion IBAN-Name Checks since its launch. In the Netherlands, 99.4 per cent of domestic payments are already checked - with impressive results:

  1. 81% less fraud with Dutch IBANs
  2. 67% fewer misdirected payments
  3. IBAN-Name Checks are performed in sub-second and SurePay has a system availability of 99.98%.

Easy implementation in your online environment

The IBAN-Name Check's intelligent and robust algorithm is easily integrated into banks' online environments via an API. When their system sends a request with the name and account number entered by one of their customers in online banking, the algorithm compares this information with the databases available to SurePay. In the event of a mismatch, the banking application can display a message to the end user, whereupon they can cancel the payment and protect themselves from erroneous or fraudulent transfers.

To ensure the highest quality and timeliness of the IBAN-Name Check at all times, SurePay is directly connected to the financial institutions' databases in real time.

Algorithm in the Netherlands

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We lead the fight against payment fraud.

In both the UK and the Netherlands, SurePay is the pioneer in preventing APP payment fraud and has won several awards for its solution. The numerous awards include the Dutch CIO Innovation Award and the UK Bank Award and PayTech Award. In addition, SurePay was included in TechRound’s Top 100 Start-Ups in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

IBAN-Name Check for Banks

What is required for implementation?

On the bank’s side, there are two important things to consider.

First of all, the API that allows for Account Name Verification has to be integrated into your online banking environment.

Secondly, data provisioning has to be taken care of. This concerns the provisioning of customer data by your bank to SurePay so that SurePay’s algorithm can match the payment data to your bank’s customer data. Further information on required implementation efforts can be found in the sample Implementation Plan

What is the IBAN-Name Check or Confirmation of Payee exactly?

When making a transfer online, the IBAN-Name Check and the SurePay Confirmation of Payee verify entered account details of the beneficiary prior to the actual transfer. The verification is based on the unique combination of the account holder’s name information beloning to a specific account number. The payer’s bank sends the entered account name and number to SurePay, which in turn verifies the details against the available data in order to provides a response. Should entered details be incorrect (i.e. the beneficiary name does not match with the names known at the bank for this account number), then the payment initiator will get a notification. The payer might be at risk of payment fraud or possibly has made a mistake.

The IBAN-Name Check is tailored for the Dutch market and the SurePay Confirmation of Payee adheres to UK market requirements, rules and regulations.

Which notifications can I get?

Should entered account details match the information known at the bank for the relevant account number, generally no notifications are prompted. When this is not the case, you can distinguish three main types of notifications:


When the entered name does not match with the account information known at the relevant bank by any means – for instance ‘D. Williams’ instead of ‘K. James’ – a warning notification is prompted. Please be aware that you might be subject to a scam, fraud or may have made a mistake. The notification will tell you that the account holder is registered under a different name at the relevant bank. Consider alternative measures or get in touch with the beneficiary before proceeding to transfer any funds.

Name Suggestion

In case of minor errors, such as a typo, you will be prompted with a suggested name as registered at the relevant bank. For instance, ‘Williams’ instead of ‘Wiliams’. Please check whether the suggested name belongs to the person/company you are intending to transfer funds to.

Service Not Available

SurePay verifies account numbers and their information across its base. In case SurePay is not able to verify account details against an account number, you will be notified as well. This can, for instance, occur for foreign bank accounts numbers for which SurePay may have insufficient information available.

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About SurePay

SurePay was founded in 2016 and started offering IBAN-Name Check to all major Dutch banks in 2017. In the following years, our customer base expanded to include companies and partners.
In early 2020, SurePay became a private company and an independent part of Rabobank.

At the end of 2020, SurePay launches in the UK under the name Confirmation of Payee (CoP).

SurePay offers various solutions for banks, organisations, payment service providers, and partners who want to implement IBAN-Name Check.

Now the market entry in Belgium has started, SurePay will offer with the IBAN-Name Check an effective and efficient solution to avoid fraud and risks in the Belgium market.