What tools / software / hardware do you use?

We use a selection of tools at SurePay within different departments. We won't give a full list here but for example everybody uses Apple products (Mac, iPhone etc.) and the Google Suite. Our solution is fully cloud based on AWS.

What kind of people does SurePay hire?

We look for people who share and embody our core values. We look for those who have a professional attitude but also like to have fun! We also want people who have clear, aligning motivations and show that they’re passionate about the role they’re applying for.

Does SurePay allow flexible working hours?

At SurePay we understand that everyone’s personal situation is different. We are generally flexible with our approach to work and allow full and part-time depending on the position. For most positions we give the option of 32, 36 or 40 hours. We operate on the basis of trust to do your hours and do not have a strict start and finish time. For the most part we do expect employees to be available in normal office hours, but things like appointments or starting/finishing earlier or later when needed is something that you can manage yourself.

What does the recruitment process look like?

We have put together an overview of SurePay’s recruitment process here (<- insert link). In general our process consists of a call with our recruiter and then a further 2-4 stages depending on the position. For certain positions one of these stages will be in the form of an assignment.

What is the working policy at SurePay? 

At SurePay we have a hybrid working policy. We understand that this can mean many different things depending on the company so we're here to explain what that means at SurePay. We don't allow fully remote work unless explicitly stated in the job description. We ask all of our employees to come to our office at least once per week, usually on a specified team day. Of course, we are flexible and we know that this can change from time to time for example, if you're working from abroad. We don't have a specific policy in place when it comes to working abroad and at the moment it's approved on request, on a case-by-case basis.

What documents do I need to apply?

We ask for a CV and give the option to also provide a motivation letter. Providing a short motivation can help your chances of landing an interview as it can give us an insight into why you have applied, if/when/why you’re looking to relocate or why you want to move in a certain direction for example.

Are you open to hiring relocators?

We definitely are. Most of the time this applies only to our technical vacancies or positions we struggle to fill locally. In those situations we also offer a relocation package to help you with a visa, flight and short term accommodation. If you're not a relocator but need your visa sponsorship taken over this is also not an issue as we are recognised by the IND.

Do you also offer internships at SurePay?

Absolutely. We don't always have internship vacancies open on our website however, if you're interested in doing your internship at SurePay and feel like it could match our organisation and work, please feel free to contact us through the open application. We're always open to look at the possibilities. As long as we have the capacity available to provide you with a SurePay coach to guide your through your internship period, we're always open to interns.

Can I also apply for a job at SurePay if there is no specific vacancy open on the website?

Yes! You're very welcome to apply even if there's no suitable vacancy at the time. We have an 'open application' on our careers page where you can leave your CV and a motivation letter expressing your interest in a position at SurePay. We might not have an opening immediately, but at least we can explore the options for you, add you to our talent pool and come back to you when we have a suitable opening.

How long will it take to review my application? 

We aim to respond to you within two weeks. However, when there is high interest on a vacancy it can occasionally take longer, so please hold tight if you haven't received a response within that time! We will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

How do I know you have received my application? 

When you apply for a role through our website you should receive an auto-reply once your application has been submitted. If for you don’t receive this auto-reply, please check your spam. If you don’t see it there, reach out to [email protected] and we can verify that we've received your application.

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