At SurePay we’re on the lookout for a Business Development Manager to dive into new markets within the EU, identify opportunities and assess how we can add value in these markets. If you’re a driven person with a commercial mindset who doesn’t shy away from diving into new territories, we’d like to meet you!

We want to continue exploring cross-border payments within the EU and identify how SurePay can make them more secure. This will require careful research and analysis around the systems, legislations and possibilities in order to make solid internal recommendations.


Your job at SurePay

In this role you are responsible for generating new revenue and expanding our customer base in new potential markets within the EU. We’re looking for someone who can immerse themselves in the world of international payment systems, financial security and fraud. From there, you’ll help us to identify commercial opportunities and stay on top of new market developments. You’re equally passionate about building valuable long-term partnerships and diving into the research and developments within the EU payments space. Systems like SWIFT are familiar to you and have an interest in areas such as cross-border payments. This knowledge and interest is essential for success in this role.

Our team and business is growing fast, and that’s how we like it! As our Business Development Manager for new markets you’re not only conducting the research but also making the first contact and building relationships with (potential) clients. You offer your expertise to prospects and have a seat at their table as their sparring partner. You know how their systems work, and therefore how they can improve their own product by collaborating with us. In addition to your payments knowledge you also have an international network in this area. 


Required skills

  • 5+ years of experience in a similar role
  • Knowledge and experience in the world of payments (domestic and global) and familiarity with systems such as SWIFT
  • A strong network within banking and payments internationally
  • Strong communication and the ability to build and maintain solid relationships
  • Affinity with research and data interpretation
  • A relevant education
  • A data driven approach to sales and attention to detail


Your main tasks

  • Identifying and making contact with prospective SurePay customers within the EU region
  • Helping SurePay to scale successfully and enter new markets within the EU.
  • Immersing in the payments and fraud landscape, keeping up with trends and developments in the industry.
  • Researching each market and prospect to provide the team with deep insights and analyses of opportunities. 
  • Collaborating with the Product and rest of the Business Development team to make internal recommendations around the next steps.


About SurePay 

  • Founded in 2016 
  • ± 95 employees
  • 30+ nationalities
  • 1 office
  • Flat organisation
  • (Business) Casual
  • Average age: 36

SurePay makes payments easier, more personal and even more secure. We are a fast-growing FinTech SaaS company and have secured our Series A funding in September 2021. SurePay stems from an innovation program of Rabobank, started in July 2016 and has been an independent BV since the beginning of 2020. SurePay is being backed by three leading investors, Rabo Frontier Ventures, Connected Capital and Iris Capital.

As we continue to evolve and grow, we're working hard to scale further in Europe while continuing to build our talented and driven team. Currently, we're working according to agile methodologies with 5 scrum teams and a business team made up of various disciplines.

You might know us from our leading product, the IBAN-Name Check, also known internationally as Confirmation of Payee. It's used by millions of people on a daily basis and is incorporated into payment platforms of banks, corporates and governmental bodies throughout the Netherlands and the UK. We recently also connected to France, meaning we have started providing cross-border checks. We are planning to continue expanding within Europe, bringing our mission of preventing fraud and misdirected payments. Not only are we entering new markets, but also growing our services and product offering through continuous innovation.

SurePay's core values are; We Care, Build Together, Think Forward and Be Responsible. These core values are the driver's of our culture and can be seen as guidelines on our beliefs and behaviour. It defines what we find important as a company and the way we work together everyday.

  • We Care: We are a supportive employer and understand that health, family and safety is what really matters. We care about our employees, customers, partners and end-users. Therefore we value creating a safe workspace where everybody can be their authentic self and where we, together, work on the same mission to provide safer payments.
  • Build Together: We believe in teamwork and strive towards the best results together with employees and customers. Our diversity, both personal and professional, is one of our key strengths. 
  • Think Forward: We are frontrunners and are on top of our game. Our customers can rely on innovative solutions to service their current and future needs. With a problem solving mindset, we anticipate challenges and adapt to a fast changing environment. 
  • Be Responsible: We all contribute to reaching our mission of reducing fraud and misdirected payments, leading to a positive impact on society. We take responsibility, show ownership and make honest decisions.

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