About SurePay

SurePay was founded in 2016 and has been providing the IBAN-Name Check to all major Dutch banks since 2017. In the years that followed, our group of customers expanded to corporates and partners. Today, SurePay provides the Confirmation of Payee service in the UK, while at the same time introducing new services in the Netherlands and expanding in Europe to offer cross border and domestic checks.

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Payments made personal, easier and more secure

SurePay makes payments personal, easier and even more secure. So that you can be sure that you pay the right person or company. We are constantly working on even better identification services based on the IBAN. For example the integration of the check in software packages, such as accounting programs and the development of new services such as the Switch Check and SurePay PayID. Future services will always be developed in close cooperation with our customers. Since its launch in 2016, SurePay has carried out over four billion payment checks. Its solution helps banks and organisations avoid misdirected payments and reduce payment fraud by giving greater assurance that their payments are going to the intended beneficiary. In addition, its solution enables frictionless payments, both domestic and cross-border, making payments faster, more secure and reducing operational costs

The security of data and the availability of SurePay services is always our top priority. This is why we are ISO 27001:2013 compliant. In addition a ISAE 3402 type II audit is executed at SUREPAY B.V. each year with regard to an Information Security Management System in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 framework. A successful audit has shown that we comply with all points of the information security requirements standard.

3,000,000 checks per day

81% less invoice fraud

25 Banks in NL and UK involved


SurePay has proudly received several awards in recent years.

Our clients

SurePay serves 150+ companies and 35+ banks in the Netherlands and across Europe.

  • Rabobank
  • Centraal beheer
  • Findio
  • Reumafonds
  • ING
  • Knab
  • BNG
  • SNS
  • ASN
  • EMS

Customers recommend SurePay

In November our customers received the customer satisfaction measurement. We’re proud to share the satisfaction rating we’ve received for our company and services. We see that it takes little effort to take the IBAN-Name Check and the customer loyalty is rated (very) high. We also really appreciate the feedback that we receive from customers who actively think along with us and contribute their ideas and wishes to make our service even better.

We are working hard on this and of course we are always open to feedback and suggestions!

The people at SurePay

Our team consists of over 85 colleagues, located in Utrecht. Below you’ll find the team members that you will most likely be in touch with. Together we serve over 125 companies and banks in the Netherlands and across Europe.

Management team

  • David-Jan Janse David-Jan Janse Chief Executive Officer
  • Marcel Rienties Marcel Rienties Chief Product Officer
  • Dorine van Basten Dorine van Basten Chief Commercial Officer
  • Friso Schutte Friso Schutte Chief Technical Officer
  • Ralf van den Berg Ralf van den Berg Chief Financial Officer

Business team

  • Fred van der Werff Fred van der Werff Lead Corporates
  • René Kaijim René Kaijim Business Development Manager Netherlands
  • Ali Babakhan Ali Babakhan Business Development Manager Netherlands
  • Essa Abdi Essa Abdi Business Development Manager Nederland
  • Bridget (Britt) Meijer Bridget (Britt) Meijer Business Development Manager Global
  • Richard Koldewijn Richard Koldewijn Business Development Manager Europe
  • Steen Álvarez Jacobsen Steen Álvarez Jacobsen Business Development Manager Nordics & EU
  • Lotte Dijkgraaf Lotte Dijkgraaf Internal Sales
  • David Evans David Evans Business Development Manager UK
  • Adrian Lee-Jarman Adrian Lee-Jarman Business Development & Partnerships Manager UK
  • Stefan de Wasch Stefan de Wasch Business Development Manager BeNeLux
  • Michael Hülsiggensen Michael Hülsiggensen Business Development Manager Germany
  • Manon de Rijk Manon de Rijk HR & Office Manager
  • Vera Augustijn Vera Augustijn HR & Office Employee
  • Martin Heere Martin Heere Business Analyst
  • Aoife Hayton Aoife Hayton Corporate Recruiter
  • Maarten Knippers Maarten Knippers Product Owner United Kingdom
  • Mark Snelling Mark Snelling Delivery and Implementation
  • Ramon Verweij Ramon Verweij Head of Marketing
  • Lotte Ploeg Lotte Ploeg Marketing officer
  • Florian Blom Florian Blom Customer Success Manager
  • Bing Windt Bing Windt Project Manager Operations
  • Arjan Peelen Arjan Peelen Customer Succes Manager
  • Tobias Nosten Tobias Nosten Business Data Analyst
  • Arthur Straathof Arthur Straathof Internal Sales & Implementation Manager
  • Rob Weerts Rob Weerts Account Manager
  • Willem van Hooft Willem van Hooft Corporate Lawyer

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