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Are you interested in possibly working at SurePay? This page will guide you through everything you need to know and will give you a sneak peak behind the scenes at SurePay.
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At SurePay we understand that having a great company culture starts with our people. We’re a flat organisation in the scale-up phase with a diverse team of SurePay’ers from across the globe. 

This is why our interview process isn’t designed only to focus on your skills and abilities, we think it’s equally important to get to know you as a person! 

At SurePay everyone is welcome, no matter your age, ethnicity, religion, sexual preferences etc. We always welcome talent that fits our job requirements, core values and culture.

Our mission

Every year more money is lost through increasingly sophisticated online payment scams. This causes harm to individuals and businesses.

We are on a mission to protect both our clients and their customers against the growing threat of fraud worldwide, giving them the reassurance that their payments are going to the intended recipient also cross-border and multi-domestic. This way, we aim to have a positive impact on society.

SurePay's core values

Our Core Values are the basis of everything we do. They represent our core beliefs and guide what we do and how we do it. Our values lead the way we conduct everyday business and the way we work together with employees, customers and partners.

We care: We are a supportive employer and understand that health, family and safety is what really matters. 

Build Together: We believe in teamwork and strive towards the best results together with employees and customers. 

Think Forward: We are frontrunners and are on top of our game. 

Be Responsible: We all contribute to reaching our mission of reducing fraud and misdirected payments, leading to a positive impact on society.

Meet The Team

Learn more about our team members and the way they experience working at SurePay. Scroll through their pictures to read their stories. Every few weeks, we post a new meet the team on our socials and website. 

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At SurePay, we have an informal and flexible corporate culture based on trust and connection. We work hard but also like to have fun! We have regular fun activities, get-togethers, game nights, lunch walks and karaoke nights. In addition, we have A hybrid work environment (1 standard office day per week). We don’t believe in imposing working hours and understand that a good work-life balance is important to you. Therefore, we rely on your own abilities to plan your work and deliver results.

Become a SurePay’er and find out for yourself!

The interview process

Step 1: Review

Our process begins with a thorough review of your application and we try our best to respond to you within 2 weeks. If a vacancy receives a lot of applications it can occasionally take longer to review. Once the review is complete, our recruiter will be in touch with you to plan the next step.

Step 2: Telephone intake

If we see a potential match between our position and your CV, our recruiter will reach out to plan a phone conversation with you. The purpose of this first call is for us to get introduced to you and similarly you can learn some more about SurePay. We want to learn more about you, your motivations and what you’d like to get out of your next opportunity. 

Step 3: Job interviews

If there is a potential fit after the phone intake, the official interviews will start. The amount and structure of interviews varies depending on the position. Depending on the role that you’re interviewing for, you can expect 2-4 rounds, one of which may be an assignment. All of our interviews take roughly one hour and are conducted via Zoom. If you live locally and want to/are willing to do your final interview at our office we are happy to arrange that! 

Step 4: Offer

After your interviews have been finished, the interviewing panel will meet to discuss their takeaways. If the team has decided there’s a fit, you can expect a call from our recruiter to share the good news!  In this call you’ll receive some feedback from your interviews, why we think you’re a great fit and of course the details of the offer which will also be sent to you via email. Once all of your questions have been answered and you’re happy to accept please be aware that your starting date is subject to a background screening being completed.

Welcome to SurePay!

Once you have accepted our offer, you will receive your contract to sign digitally via DocuSign. You are now officially a soon to be SurePay’er and we will inform you about the following steps in preparation for your start date. 


SurePay collects feedback from (former) employees and job applicants to optimize our experience with candidates and employees.
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7.8 Employee satisfaction score

E-NPS score of +19

Glassdoor score of 4.3 (out of 5)

95% of our employees are proud to work at and for SurePay.

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People & Culture Manager

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People Operations Coordinator

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