Smooth implementation of IBAN-Name Check and Switch Check at BNG Bank

Client case study BNG Bank

Integration of API
for Banks
Optimal and safe customer experience
Comply with the “Inform Payer On Initiation” (BIBI) requirement
Smooth onboarding

SurePay introduced the IBAN-Name Check in 2017 to make online payments safer and more personal. After the successful implementation at the major banks, customers also asked BNG Bank to implement the check.
BNG Bank customers indicated that they expected the check based on their positive experiences in private banking. BNG Bank does not process large numbers of online payments, but mainly batch payments. They therefore saw less incorrectly entered payments (undue payments) or invoice fraud with online payments than other banks. The benefit for BNG Bank therefore lies in meeting the customer’s wishes and creating an optimal, safe customer experience.

By combining the IBAN-Name Check with the Switch Check, BNG Bank immediately complies with the “Payer Informing At Initiation” (BIBI) regulation of the Dutch Payments Association, which took effect in 2021.

Smooth implementation

SurePay offers the services as a SaaS solution, making it a scalable solution with excellent response times. This makes it possible to install them invisibly for the end user in their own software and banking environment. Naturally, this means that SurePay guides customers well in the implementation of the API. We also personally guided BNG Bank in the implementation of both services.

Combination of checks works best

“As a medium-sized bank, BNG Bank works more often with standard packages and solutions than the large banks. This makes it nice that both checks are now implemented in 1 flow, which saves unnecessary customization in the backend. Integrating the checks into the systems went smoothly. The combination of the IBAN-Name Check and Transfer Check is highly appreciated by our customers.” said Kaj Heins.

“We see opportunities to further expand our good cooperation with SurePay. For example, with the combination of the IBAN Name Check and Switch Check on collection files of our customers.”

“The implementation went very smoothly. Within 4 weeks the connection between our systems and the SurePay API was realized. We have chosen to call the IBAN-Name Check and Transfer Check from our internet package. When recording a payment, we make a request and we get the result back immediately.”

Kaj Heins, product manager BNG Bank

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