SurePay PayID

With SurePay PayID customers can now easily and securely pay in your Banking App to friends and acquaintances on their contact list. In the future we will add more identification options to this service. SurePay PayID uses the smart IBAN-Name Check algorithm for this.

Pay to contacts in your own online banking environment

It is already very common abroad to pay directly to the contacts in your phone. To make this possible in the Netherlands as well, SurePay developed PayID. Pay to Mobile is the first functionality available to banks for implementation in online and mobile banking apps. Pay to Mobile is integrated in the API of IBAN-Name Check. This allows every bank in its own environment to offer safe and reliable payments to contacts 06 numbers.

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SurePay PayID is integrated in the IBAN-Name Check

Safe and secure
The 06 number is only translated into an IBAN if the payer has entered the correct name of the recipient (“Match” or “Close Match” check result). This prevents phishing to IBANs and protects the privacy of your customers.
Prevents fraud and errors
The payer is protected by the IBAN-Name Check at Pay to Mobile. This will help prevent errors and fraud such as WhatsApp fraud. A bank uses the same API (new version) for both Pay to Mobile and the IBAN-Name Check.
Easy to integrate
The service works between customers of all Dutch banks, without complex integration projects. This immediately provides the bank with an easy P2P payment method for all customers.

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