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Check all payments directly online or through your own financial system. This makes your business processes safer and more efficient in one go.

Our products

Checks in Europe

European reach is offered both cross border and domestic.

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Checks for Banks

All payments will be checked directly in the online banking environment.

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UK Confirmation of Payee

Our solution for PSPs in the UK.

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Check via the Portal

Perform IBAN-Name Checks directly online. Get 10 checks for free.

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Checks for Organisations

Integrate the API to streamline your processes.

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Fraud Risk Indicator

Provides additional data points upon a payment.

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Comply with Instant Payments Regulation

Are you ready to meet the latest requirements of the Instant Payments regulation? Banks will be mandated to implement the IBAN-Name Check, and SurePay is here with the perfect solution. With years of experience in delivering advanced financial services and a proven track record in multiple EU countries, SurePay is the partner banks need.

Payments around the world have increasingly shifted to digital channels. This has led to a sharp rise in fraud cases and Authorised Push Payment fraud – where fraudsters trick individuals and businesses into depositing money into the wrong accounts.

How BNG Bank uses our Solution

“Within 4 weeks (2 sprints) the connection between our systems and SurePay’s API was in place.”

For which processes?

Comply with Instant Payments Regulation

Implement the IBAN-Name Check and meet the requirements of the European Commission.

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Fraud and errors investigation

Make sure the account number belongs to the given
name and avoid incorrect payments and direct debits

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Smooth onboarding process

Prevent dropouts during the onboarding of new customers and boost your conversion.

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Comply with AML- and KYC requirements

Use the matching results for both internal and external audit.

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We are on a mission to protect both our clients and their customers against the growing threat of fraud worldwide, both cross-border and multi-domestic.

– David-Jan Janse, CEO SurePay

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Frequently asked questions

Don’t worry, your account will be created shortly. You will receive a confirmation mail with your personal login details within 2 working days.

Email confirmation is a mandatory step to complete the registration on the portal. Every user will receive a separate email from the system with a 24 hours valid link. Once the user clicks on the link, the email is confirmed and they can proceed to the next step.

Every user can login via portal.surepay.nl Once they fill in their organisation name, previously provided by SurePay, email address plus password, and the one time code provided by the MFA app, the login is completed and the user is ready to run their checks.

Single checks can be done on the main page. For every entry, the user has to provide a name and an IBAN before hitting the “Check” button. The results will be displayed on the same page.

File check feature is available for Business PRO customers and it can be found on the top menu bar. Once the user clicks on the “File check” button, they will be redirected to a new page where they can upload or simply drag & drop their file. A file template is available on this page below the “Upload file” option and can be used as reference. The first three columns have to be filled in, as described in the template, before uploading the file. Once the check is completed, the file containing the results will be displayed on the right side of the page, along with the download option.

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