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GoCredible ensures smooth onboarding process with SurePay's IBAN-Name Check

Since its founding in 2015, GoCredible has developed into the specialist in third-party funds processing and management. As a competitive niche player, they focus on the fast-growing platform economy. This requires intelligent payment solutions that can also handle complex payment situations effortlessly. In addition, a well-established KYC process is mandatory.

To comply with this, GoCredible uses the IBA- Name Check. This solution replaces the 1 cent verification.


Improve KYC process

GoCredible is constantly looking at improving its services. Discussions with customers revealed that a smooth KYC process was desired.

In fact, administrative staff did not always have access to the account to make the 1 cent payment. In addition, many crowdfunding private investors use an and/or account. Because the partner's name does not come along when making a 1 cent iDEAL transaction, onboarding often does not go smoothly all at once.

This causes drop-outs, slows down the onboarding process, and GoCredible spends more time on manual work.

GoCredible went looking for an improvement for their processes and ended up with the IBAN-Name Check.

Efficient and customer friendly Onboarding process

Now we have more and satisfied customers and less manual work. Errors and fraud are also prevented!

Instantly correct customer data

With the IBAN-Name Check, during customer onboarding, a check is made to see if name & IBAN match. As a result, GoCredible immediately has the correct customer data. Changes to account numbers can also be adjusted immediately in the administration.

In short: more and satisfied customers, less manual work and errors and fraud are prevented!

"This collaboration is a win-win for our users and for us internally. We simplify the customer journey and remove manual work for the handler. This saves costs, speeds up acceptance and decreases onboarding turnaround time."

Teun Lammers, CEO, GoCredible

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Client case a.s.r.

"Drop-out rate for online onboarding reduced from 100 to 10-15%."

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