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Moneybird prevents fraud and customer queries by IBAN- Name Check

Moneybird is an online accounting programme for entrepreneurs and designed so that no accountant is needed to keep your records. Since 2022, Moneybird also allows you to open your own (business) checking accounts that allow you to make payments directly. That's where the IBAN-Name Check is deployed.

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IBAN-Name Check deployed when opening business accounts

Moneybird started as an invoice programme and has since grown into a full-fledged accounting package. For full accounting, also process your transactions in Moneybird. Until now, this was only possible via an external link with a bank.

Meanwhile, via Moneybird it is also possible to open (business) payment accounts. With these you make payments directly from Moneybird and let your customers pay via Online payment methods integrated in Moneybird. Payments are added directly to your records and processed automatically.

Here's where the IBAN-Name Check comes in:
When customers initiate a transfer from their Moneybird checking account, it checks whether the IBAN & Name of the recipient match. This prevents fraud and incorrect payments. It also reduces customer queries for Moneybird's customers, in other words: a positive customer experience.

Moneybird is very happy with our solution; the implementation went smoothly, the documentation was good and little guidance was needed to achieve a launch.

Smooth implementation

Documentation was good and little guidance was needed to achieve a launch.

"Without connecting to the IBAN-Name Check, a transfer would show that the IBAN cannot be checked. The IBAN-Name Check prevents errors and possible confusion due to customers not recognising our IBANs."

Edwin Vlieg CEO, Moneybird

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Fewer bad debts

"Thanks to the IBAN-Name Check we have been able to drastically reduce the number of bad debts. We also have significantly fewer fraud cases."

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