Customer review Municipality of Tiel

"The SurePay IBAN Name Check portal is a valuable addition to our business processes. It provides a piece of assurance about the accuracy of our payments with regard to the ascription and associated IBAN. Financial losses are thus kept to a minimum. By adding the IBAN-Name Check, it is a guarantee not only for internal control but also for the accountant that we are providing our payments to the correct creditor or claimant."

Hans van den Hatert, Advisor applications social domain, Municipality of Tiel

The features of the IBAN-Name Check Portal at a glance

Instant result

  • Spend less time with (manual) checks
  • Know immediately if it concerns a joint account
  • Immediate insight into whether IBAN & Name match
  • Available 24/7
  • For both single and file checks

Safe and secure

  • Portal meets banking security standards
  • Customer data is stored for a limited period within Europe
  • Optimise your KYC/KYS process
  • Upgrading of account and adding additional features always possible

Reduce risk of fraud

  • Know who you are paying to, thanks to the check by name and corresponding IBAN
  • Direct insight into closed accounts
  • Distinction between business and private accounts of customers and relations
  • Less chance of fraud and mistakes

250+ organisations and 40+ banks use the IBAN-Name Check

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  • Gemeente Utrecht
  • Kamer van Koophandel
  • Nationale Postcode Loterij
  • Nationale Nederlanden
  • Gemeente Amsterdam
  • Strato
  • a.s.r.
  • KPN
  • Grolsch
  • Univé
  • Gemeente Alkmaar
  • Interpolis
  • Volvo
  • Rabobank
  • BMW
  • Centraal beheer
  • BNG
  • ING
  • Findio

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Frequently asked questions

The IBAN-Name Check Portal

I just created an account but I did not receive a confirmation e-mail?

Don’t worry, your account will be created shortly. You will receive a confirmation mail with your personal login details within 2 working days.

Where can I see the volume of checks I’ve made in a month?

The option will be available soon for every organisation. Currently we provide updates about the usage upon request via [email protected]
A SurePay representative will inform you within 24 hours.

How do I change my subscription?

Subscriptions can be modified by sending a request to update the subscription to [email protected]
A SurePay representative will process your request and update you via email. The new subscription will be available starting first day of the following month.

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