Surepay jaaroverzicht

SurePay is off to a flying start this year, and we are continuing to work hard on all our new projects and innovations. But we also want to take a moment to reflect on everything we’ve achieved in the past year. We have boiled it all down into an infographic with our Annual Overview 2019.

The headlines we see every day continue to make clear that our work remains critically relevant. Online fraud is a booming business for bad actors. In 2019, we issued no fewer than 53 million warnings of a mismatch between name on account and IBAN. But despite the warning, nearly a third of these transactions were still confirmed and processed. It’s always a good time for a reminder that we don’t issue these warnings lightly. So if you choose to bypass it, don’t do it lightly either!

Security is always a work in progress. That’s why we are working hard on the further development of innovative payment solutions to help ensure that users are always sure of who they’re paying. And we’ll have much more to tell you about that as 2020 progresses!