Annual Overview 2023

2023 was a year of growth and innovation for SurePay. We have welcomed countless new customers and partners, launched innovative products, run successful radio campaigns, and most importantly, together we were able to prevent a lot of fraud. Take a look at a year full of highlights!

7 Billion Checks performed since 2016!

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This year, SurePay performed 1,488,521,279
IBAN-Name Checks

Add-on-icons benefits--61

Of this, 10,509,010 were checks for Organisations (the rest for Banks)

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We warned 66,060,800 times that IBAN and name did not match

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And warned 3,983,790 times that the IBAN number belonged to a closed account

NL-apiorg-Icon-save time

We had an average uptime of 99.98%

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And an average response time of 61 milliseconds

Matching results

In September, we hosted our Banks event

'Borderless Fraud Prevention'

This was an exciting event: exchanging thoughts and experiences with customers, partners and experts on safer international payments. We’ve discussed the impact of the Fraud Risk Indicator, the added value of SWIFT Pre-validation and the changes and opportunities of the European IBAN-Name Check. 

SurePay on the radio!

We received many positive reactions and happy new customers through our radio campaigns. 

Our campaigns were heard on Radio 1, BNR News Radio and Radio 538, among others. 

Customer satisfaction score of 8.5

The feedback and comments of our customers
are very valuable to us. Therefore, as in
previous years, we have conducted our
Customer Satisfaction Survey. We are very
pleased with the results: our customers rate
our IBAN-Name Check solution and our partnership with an 8.5.


We won a Banking Tech Award!

We are very grateful for our victory at the Banking Tech Awards 2023. We won in the category ‘Best PayTech Solution Provider for Banks’ with our Confirmation of Payee (CoP) Portal (in the Netherlands the IBAN-Name Check Portal) designed for PSPs. This achievement is a significant accolade, recognising our role as the innovators behind CoP and commending our dedicated efforts!

The EU will adopt an IBAN-Name Check solution

The European Commission (EC), the European Parliament (EP) and the Council of the European Union have announced an agreement on the Instant Payments legislation.

As the inventor and pioneer of the IBAN-Name Check solution, SurePay’s experience and technical expertise in rolling out our technology across the EU, puts us in a position to offer a quick, frictionless, and best-in-class implementation for regulated financial institutions.

Launch of IBAN-Name Check Portal...

...And the Developer Portal

The SurePay Developer Portal is the gateway to effectively use the European IBAN-Name Check, and our entire range of added value solutions, and to easily connect yourselves.

David-Jan Janse, CEO SurePay: “Whether you’re a financial institution looking to enhance your payment processes or an organisation seeking to optimise your business operations, the SurePay Developer Portal is here to provide you with the tools and resources you need for success.”

New for Banks: The Fraud Risk Indicator

The Fraud Risk Indicator (FRI) is a solution on top of the IBAN-Name Check: an add-on to the current API. Essentially, the add-on provides additional data points; risk indicators that help the bank determine whether there is an increased or decreased risk of fraud.

Relevant blogs for you

We have written a lot of interesting blogs for you. You can read more about the IBAN-Name Check, Instant Payments legislation, and our solution for various target audiences/organisations.

If you have a topic you would like to know more about, let us know!

Preview 2024

In 2024, the European Union will continue to shape the legislation that makes it mandatory to implement an IBAN-Name Check.
Our API and Portal solutions are wide open to organisations striving for efficiency and security.
In the UK, where SurePay has been the market leader for years, we are expanding again.
New innovations and products become accessible, new countries added.

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