Elevating Bank Fraud Prevention with Fraud Risk Indicator

Elevating Bank Fraud Prevention with SurePay’s Innovative Solutions Fraud and Authorised Push Payment (APP) scams are major concerns for the financial sector, with numerous news articles and reports indicating a rise in various online scams. The advent of the digital age has led to more sophisticated fraud tactics, where scammers employ social engineering and advanced […]

Beyond Rumour: Solving GDPR Challenges in IBAN Name Verification

Beyond Rumours: Solving GDPR Challenges in IBAN Name Verification The EU regulation on Instant Payments is bound to have a huge impact on all Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and Payment Service Users (PSUs). Whilst the final text for the EU Regulation on Instant Payments is available, rumours are spreading about the implications of the text […]

SurePay IBAN-Name Check portal now available in the Exact App Store

SurePay, the inventor of the IBAN-Name Check, is proud to announce the integration with Exact Online. With this integration, users can prevent fraud, errors and reputational damage by checking whether IBAN & name match before a payment is made. Organisations run unnecessary risk of fraud Dutch banks do not perform IBAN Name Checks on payment […]

SurePay announces one European IBAN-Name Check

Instant Payment regulation and internationalisation of fraud call for Europe wide solution SurePay, the inventor and market leader of the IBAN-Name Check, is pleased to announce the launch of One European IBAN-Name Check solution. With one solution, European reach is offered both cross border and domestic in all EU countries.  Payment fraud and friction is […]

CEO fraud runs rampant, but can be minimised with an IBAN-Name Check

Of all the types of fraud out there, CEO fraud is the kind that can do immense damage par excellence. This is not just financial damage; trust within an organisation can also be severely dented. The key question to be answered, therefore, is: ‘How can CEO fraud be minimised before more companies suffer?’ Why does […]

With an IBAN-Name Check, you can also prevent salary payment fraud

Fraudsters are certainly not only targeting the world of big fast money. They can also cause widespread damage in ‘simple’ salary payments. Here, employees have a responsibility to double-check account information and that can be cumbersome. But, there is a solution to that. Why should employers take immediate action to combat salary fraud and errors? […]

SurePay Portal makes checking IBAN and name easier and more accessible

Utrecht– 25 January 2023 – IBAN-Name check now available via website for all organisations Today, Utrecht-based fintech SurePay introduces the IBAN-Name Check Portal. Companies can use the Portal to quickly and efficiently check, 24 hours a day, whether they have the correct payment details of a customer, supplier or employee. In this way, SurePay helps detect fraud and […]