Cross-Border IBAN-Name Check

One connection, global reach.

By confirming that the payee’s name matches with the name on the intended recipient’s bank account, the IBAN-Name Check helps to avoid misdirected payments and reduces push payment fraud. This gives you and your customers confidence that any payments being made are going to the intended beneficiary.

Leading the fight against payment fraud

Payments across the world have increasingly shifted to digital channels, and this has led to a surge in fraud cases, and Authorised Push Payment fraud – where fraudsters trick individuals and companies into paying funds into the wrong accounts – is a growing problem is chief among them.

Our Dutch CoP solution, the IBAN-Name Check, is live since 2017 and checks 99,5% of all payments in The Netherlands. SurePay’s CoP solution in the UK already checks 35% of all online payments.

In response to the global fraud problem, we have launched the world’s first Cross-Border IBAN-Name Check solution by partnering with and StreamMind. Our new Cross-Border service enables businesses and banks to check that account information matches the intended beneficiary when sending payments between France and the Netherlands.

This is achieved through IBAN-Name Check verifications which are carried out by directly querying banks’ account databases. It’s an effective, efficient, and cost-effective way of significantly reducing instances of serious fraud that are very easy to fall victim to. This means we now check domestic, regional and global payments.

European Checks for our Portal Users

Next to national checks we offer European checks for France and Italy. We offer these European checks as an add-on package on top of your standard package.

This add on enables the following European checks:

  • France: Natural persons, IBAN name matching
  • France: Organisation, IBAN Company ID Match (Siren/Siret/VAT)
  • Italy: Organisations, IBAN Company ID Match (VAT)

We offer 80% Coverage French Banks and 70% Coverage of Italian Banks. Many clients experience the benefits of the unique IBAN checks that SurePay offers in these countries via the portal.


Cross-Border capabilities

We deploy the latest in cutting-edge technology and IBAN-Name Checking to provide financial institutions with the confidence they need to make domestic and international payments without fear of fraud.

Fraud & Repairs

  • Protect your customers against fraud and misdirected payments
  • Remove friction in the international payment process
  • Avoid payment investigations
  • Avoid rejected instructions

Cross-Border solution

  • One connection via SurePay
  • SurePay connects to countries and schemes
  • SurePay makes sure the request is translated in the correct format

Clean Payment Order

  • Trust from customers
  • Contributes to a positive reputation
  • Fast and efficient Cross-Border payment process
  • Lower operational costs

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