Which account numbers can be checked?

The IBAN-Name Check can handle all Dutch bank accounts (IBAN). SurePay can check all IBAN-Name-combinations in your customer- and supplier databases as long as the IBANs are Dutch and start with NL. Your database can contain checking- and savings accounts. Personal and business accounts. Issued by Rabobank or any other Dutch bank. At present, the coverage of foreign account numbers is insufficient to support checks of foreign IBANs.

SurePay Confirmation of Payee checks all UK bank accounts.

How does SurePay protect my data?

The IBAN-Name File Check requires you to submit your data files to SurePay in order for us to run the check and provide you with the results.

We have chosen to use mSafe for the exchange and storage of your sensitive data files. A secure and personal work space is created that can only be accessed by one person of SurePay and one person within your organization. Files are encrypted during transport and storage. User acces is secured with two factor authentication. For further security measurements and file specifications, please click here.

How long will it take to process my files?

This depends on the agreement we have reached and is based on frequency and volume. SurePay guarantees to process your files in five working days. In case of emergency or good preparations however it is possible to process your file in a few hours so that you’ll have the results the same day.

Can I integrate the IBAN-Name File Check into my onboarding process?

Right now, the IBAN-Name File Check is only available with a manual file exchange process. Meaning that you have to upload your data files into the personal and secured work space that SurePay created for your company. We run the check. We place the new file containing the results of the check in your organization’s work space, after which you can download the results file. This is a good solution for one off checks of entire CRM or bookkeeping files.

This process is not suitable for a realtime check of for instance new customers on your website. For this purpose, we are currently developing an API solution that your organization can integrate into your onboarding and customer service processes. Do you have an interest for the IBAN-Name File Check API? Please contact us for further information and the updated status.

What are the costs for the IBAN-Name File Check?

The cost depend on frequency of file exchange, volume of your files and how fast you want us to deliver the results.

A one-off check of your files is available as of € 2.500 including account set up and 10.000 records. A subsequent monthly check of your mutation files is available as of € 400 per month. Please contact us for a quotation.

How is my company being checked?

When your customers are planning to pay you via a credit transfer, they will manually enter your business name and account number (IBAN), after which these details are instantly verified. SurePay verifies whether the entered business name corresponds to the data at the bank of registry – your bank. When the entered details correspond to these at the bank of registry, no notifications are presented and your customers will be able to send through the transfer right away. When the entered name does not correspond to the official registration, we display the business name as registered at the bank. The customer then decides whether to proceed or cancel the transfer.

Do you have a business account with Rabobank, ING, SNS, ASN or Regiobank? Then we also verify entered details against the trade names you registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Unfortunately, this cannot be accomplished for business accounts with other banks, until they have implemented SurePay’s Account Check.

When your customers are prompted with a notification, it could result in uncertainty and delayed payment processing. In order to avoid hassle and inconvenience, please ensure that the name you articulate on your invoices corresponds to the official registration or account ascription at your bank.

My company name is not properly checked.

Occasionally, it can happen that your company details are not properly checked due to a variety of reasons. For instance, when you have just opened a new bank account which has not received payments yet. Or, when the ascription of your bank account at the bank of registry deviates from any name you articulate via your invoices.

In such cases, your customers will be prompted a notification that contains the name by which this account is supposedly known at the bank of registry. This, in turn, can cause extra calls to your customer service center or delayed payment processing. You can easily prevent such situations by ensuring the names you communicate to your customers do match the registration of your bank account.

Hitherto, we can only verify trade names registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce if you have a business or corporate account with banks that have implemented the IBAN-Name Check. For other accounts, we will be able to do so as soon as your bank has implemented the IBAN-Name Check.

I own a non-Rabobank business account. Is this account also checked?

Yes. Your business details are verified for every payment based on the registration at the relevant bank only. However, until your bank has implemented the IBAN-Name Check, we will not be able to check against any names registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Please check with your own bank when and whether it is planning to implement the IBAN-Name Check.

Do notifications actually block a transfer?

No. Notifications never prevent payers from sending a transfer through. The customer is always able to proceed with the transfer, even though account name and account number do not match with their registration at the relevant bank.

Are payment batches also checked?

If you submit payment batch files to your bank, it is good to know that these payments are not checked by the SurePay Account Check. Hence, the payment process will not be disturbed, nor will any payment be rejected due to the check.

It is up to the banks to deploy the check for batches as well.

Should you as a company wish to have all your payments checked? Or should you wish to check the financial details of your business relations? Please read more about the IBAN-Name File Check that we have developed for this purpose.

Which banks have implemented the Account Check?

SurePay’s Account Check is available to customers at the following banks: Rabobank, ING, ABN AMRO, SNS, ASN and Regiobank. All customers banking with the aforementioned banks will get notifications based on the outcome of the check. Customers of other banks do not have the SurePay confirmation of payee solution. Please consult your bank for more details.

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