Market Leader SurePay Takes Confirmation of Payee From Local To Global With Swift’s Payment Pre-Validation Service

Market Leader SurePay Takes Confirmation of Payee From Local To Global With Swift’s Payment Pre-Validation Service As an official Swift partner, SurePay now provides Confirmation of Payee to its customers, allowing an easy pre-validation of payment data on a Domestic, Pan-European and Global scale. SurePay, the leading provider of the IBAN-Name Check, Confirmation of Payee […]

SurePay Wins Elastic 2023 Excellence Award

SurePay Wins Elastic 2023 Excellence Award Utrecht, 26 March – SurePay, the leading Confirmation of Payee provider, today announced it was named a winner of the 2023 Elastic Excellence Solve with Search Award. The award was presented during the 2024 ElasticON New York on March 26, 2024. The market leader in Confirmation of Payee solutions […]

Elevating Bank Fraud Prevention with Fraud Risk Indicator

Elevating Bank Fraud Prevention with SurePay’s Innovative Solutions Fraud and Authorised Push Payment (APP) scams are major concerns for the financial sector, with numerous news articles and reports indicating a rise in various online scams. The advent of the digital age has led to more sophisticated fraud tactics, where scammers employ social engineering and advanced […]

SurePay announces one European IBAN-Name Check

Instant Payment regulation and internationalisation of fraud call for Europe wide solution SurePay, the inventor and market leader of the IBAN-Name Check, is pleased to announce the launch of One European IBAN-Name Check solution. With one solution, European reach is offered both cross border and domestic in all EU countries.  Payment fraud and friction is […]

Why your accountant will be happy with the IBAN-Name Check (portal)

There is increasing pressure on auditors for safe (financial) operations. They have more obligations than ever to detect and report frauds, but ideally, of course, to prevent them. With the IBAN Name Check portal, you can greatly relieve your accountant of this. What exactly is the role of the accountant? When auditors come across, or […]

With an IBAN-Name Check, you can also prevent salary payment fraud

Fraudsters are certainly not only targeting the world of big fast money. They can also cause widespread damage in ‘simple’ salary payments. Here, employees have a responsibility to double-check account information and that can be cumbersome. But, there is a solution to that. Why should employers take immediate action to combat salary fraud and errors? […]

SurePay Portal makes checking IBAN and name easier and more accessible

IBAN-Name check now available via website for all organisations Today, Utrecht-based fintech SurePay introduces the IBAN-Name Check Portal. Companies can use the Portal to quickly and efficiently check, 24 hours a day, whether they have the correct payment details of a customer, supplier or employee. In this way, SurePay helps detect fraud and prevent mistakes. […]

New feature IBAN-Name Check for Business: the Account Age Check

Did you know that fraudsters often use recently opened accounts? That’s why a new feature has been added to the IBAN Name Check for Businesses: the Account Age Check! This check returns what the age of the account is since the date of opening. So you know if you are dealing with a recently opened […]