SurePay is proud to announce that we are associate partner of Verbond van Verzekeraars!

The cooperation in the form of an associate partnership between the Verbond van Verzekeraars and SurePay is a logical step, according to both parties: “It is important for society that insurers prevent fraud and increase efficiency in processes. That way you reduce costs and that is ultimately reflected in the insurance premium paid by customers. SurePay’s IBAN Name Check certainly contributes to this,” said Richard Weurding, general director of the Verbond van Verzekeraars.

Dorine van Basten, CCO at SurePay: “A large proportion of insurers use the IBAN Name Check, for example to support onboarding and/or claims payment. Through the associate partnership, we are happy to work with the industry to improve processes through targeted solutions to help insurers and their customers even better and protect them from fraud.”

For example, SurePay offers services that make online payments easier, more personal and even more secure. It does this by continuously improving its services for identification via IBAN. For example, new services such as the Switch Check and Cross border payments. But also the Account Age Check, which allows SurePay to detect recently opened accounts with a higher risk of fraud.

Towards an open platform
In 2019, the Verbond van Verzekeraars has set a course to expand towards an open platform. A platform that connects insurers, stakeholders and organisations from inside and outside the sector. In this way, the sector increases their value for customers, learns from each other and comes up with answers to challenging issues that affect everyone, such as technological developments, changing customer behaviour and sustainability.