1. New services and a record number of checks

In 2020 we experienced tremendous growth, with new solutions for banks, such as the Switch Check and SurePay PayID. The IBAN-Name Check for Organisations grew by 1719%. Every day, we made approximately 100,000 warnings against fraud and errors. So please make sure that the warning that name and IBAN do not belong together was not given for nothing. We received several awards and nominations. Below, we look back on the  year 2020.

SurePay Numbers 2020 Total checks since 2017

Number of checks in 2020: >

Banks using IBAN-Name Check/CoP
Companies and organisations using CoP
Drop in reported fraud/scams
Average uptime
Daily warnings for payment to the wrong person or company
Warnings for closed accounts in 2020
drop in fraudulent orders
Average response time

2. Organisations enthusiastic about the IBAN-Name Check

We saw a spectacular growth of 1719% in the number of checks for organisations. More than 125 organisations now use the IBAN-Name Check. They use the service in the onboarding process of new suppliers and customers (KYC), in claims and payout processes, in direct debit processes and in fraud investigations. This makes processes more efficient, safer and reduces the risk of fraud.

The results are impressive:

  • 90% less drop-outs during onboarding
  • 80% less fraudulent onboardings
  • 50% less uncollectible invoices

Read more  or read the client cases STRATO or Neosmart

Our service is integrated by 25+ banks and 125+ corporates

3. New banks connected

We check 98% of the Dutch payment transactions, also thanks to the new cooperation with the following parties:

New product

4. Rabobank introduces Pay to Mobile (06-Betalen) with SurePay PayID

Rabobank customers can now transfer and receive money to and from a 06 number. This innovation is made possible by SurePay PayID, based on the IBAN-Name Check. Currently, Pay to Mobile  only works for Rabobank customers. We hope to connect other banks soon.

Pay to Mobile is integrated in the API of IBAN-Name Check. This allows each bank to offer safe and reliable payments to 06-numbers in its own environment.

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New product

5. Introduction Switch Check

With SurePay's Switch Check, you can immediately see whether a contact person or company has switched to another bank. By using the Bank Switch Check, a bank complies with the BIBI (Payer Information at Initiation) guideline of the Dutch Payments Association and the user can save the new IBAN directly in the address book.

BNG was the first bank to introduce the Bank Switch Check for its customers. "After the IBAN-Name Check, adding the Switch Check is a logical step for us. As a result, customers are less likely to transfer money to the wrong account number". According to Kaj Heins, product manager at BNG Bank.

A number of other banks are now using the Bank Switch Check or will introduce it in early 2021. The Switch Check is also available for organisations, for example to keep account numbers for direct debits up to date.

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6. Client cases with impressive results

  • De Connectie

    The Connectie - organisation that focuses on the business operations of the municipalities of Arnhem, Renkum and Rheden - saves a lot of time thanks to the IBAN-Name Check. Checking customer data is now done within seconds, instead of 1-2 weeks.

    Read client case
  • ilionx

    ilionx saves a lot of time. Checking and validating customer data is no longer a manual process, but now takes place in milliseconds.

    Read client case
  • Mitros

    With the IBAN-Name Check, Mitros is more 'in control', spends less time on manual system adjustments and there is no delay in sending payments.

    Read client case
  • a.s.r. verzekeringen

    Smooth implementation and communication, dropout rate for online onboarding reduced from 100 to 10-15%.

    Read client case

    The number of fraudulent orders at STRATO decreased by more than 80% compared to the same period a year earlier

    Read client case
  • BNG Bank

    Smooth implementation of IBAN-Name Check and Switch Check at BNG Bank. Within 4 weeks (2 sprints) the connection between our systems and the SurePay API was realized.

    Read client case
  • Energy supplier

    By integrating the SurePay IBAN-Name Check, we have been able to drastically reduce the number of frauds and bad debts. That is beneficial for our existing customers!

    Read client case

7. Customers recommend SurePay

In November our customers received the customer satisfaction measurement. We’re proud to share the satisfaction rating we’ve received for our company and services. We see that it takes little effort to take the IBAN-Name Check and the customer loyalty is rated (very) high. We also really appreciate the feedback that we receive from customers who actively think along with us and contribute their ideas and wishes to make our service even better.

We are working hard on this and of course we are always open to feedback and suggestions!

8. Awards en nominations

Wonderful recognition at renowned awards.

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