Two new features added to the IBAN-Name Check for Organisations

The IBAN-Name Check is successfully applied by 150+ organisations to prevent fraud and errors in various business processes. For example the onboarding of new customers, suppliers and employees, or the payment of damages or surcharges. Thanks to the input and feedback from our customers and partners, we continue to develop and improve this product. Two new features have been added that we would like to introduce to you:
– Switch Check; receive an immediate notification if a customer or supplier has switched to a different bank where the correct, new IBAN is provided and can be adjusted in the administration.
– KVK IBAN-Name Check; this confirms the KVK number while an IBAN-Name Check is performed. This helps organisations with their AML and KYC/KYS requirements.

With these features you get more insight into the desired customer data and make your business processes more efficient and secure. In the near future, three more features will be added to the IBAN-Name Check.