Make vendor management easy: check suppliers with the SurePay IBAN-Name Check

How can you be sure you are onboarding vendors with the correct company and payment details? Our IBAN-Name Check makes vendor management easy. Check the name and IBAN of suppliers, as well as the master data of an invoice such as VAT and Chamber of Commerce number.

Good vendor management is important. How do you avoid paying ghost invoices? And isn’t there a smarter alternative to the 4-eye principle that takes less time? Simplify the process of onboarding new suppliers and checking existing ones. This helps, for example, Grolsch prevent fraud, Mitros optimise processes and De Connectie saves a lot of time.

Difficult onboarding new suppliers

How do you currently onboard new suppliers? It is probably a labour-intensive process. Many organisations call suppliers to check the data provided. That check is important and understandable. You want to avoid paying out ghost invoices, for example. Nevertheless, the traditional method is unnecessarily time-consuming.

Forget asking for a copy of a bank statement, for example. Simplify onboarding, by doing away with the 4-eye principle for this confident process. Make it easier for yourself, with higher reliability.

Our IBAN-Name Check saves time, improves reliability and prevents you from accidentally approving phantom invoices. In batches, these are often hard to spot. But not with our IBAN-Name Check, as it allows you to easily check the combination of a name and IBAN.

Get it right with our IBAN-Name Check

Redesign your vendor management, both for new and existing suppliers. Thanks to our solution, you can be sure that you pay invoices to the right supplier (or collect the correct data).

Our IBAN-Name Check works easily and for all suppliers. Check the name and an IBAN to make sure the data match. You also easily check the master data of each invoice, such as VAT number and Chamber of Commerce number.

Ideal with many suppliers

Our customers prove that it works:

We also recently closed a partnership with IXPnext. The organisation helps more than 400 companies make more financial impact, thanks to solutions for invoice processing, supplier and contract management.

Our IBAN-Name Check makes vendor management through ISPnext a lot easier. It helps them avoid paying phantom invoices. Maarten de Ru, Director Partners & Alliances at ISPnext explains: ”We are incredibly excited about the opportunities offered by the partnership with SurePay. With SurePay’s expertise, we ensure that money is always transferred to the right person or organisation. This is essential to prevent fraud, incorrect payments and collections.”

Try it for free in our portal

Want to experience for yourself how it works? Try our IBAN-Name Check 50x for free in our Portal.

In the portal, enter a name and an account number to check the combination. See immediately whether there is a match, a possible typo or a mismatch, i.e. possible fraud.

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