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SurePay aims to make payments even more secure by determining whether name and IBAN belong together. To this end, it has developed various checks based on IBAN. In this way, we help to detect fraud and prevent mistakes.

IBAN-Name Check for Organisations

  • Check your file or integrate the IBAN Name Check in your business processes
  • Prevent fraud and errors and realize more efficient processes

IBAN-Naam Check for Organisations

IBAN-Name Check for Banks

  • Know who you are paying
  • The customer will be notified if the data deviates
  • Helps prevent fraud and mistakes when making transfers

IBAN-Name Check for Banks

Switch Check

  • Supplement to IBAN Name Check API
  • Signals switched account holder with payments
  • Returns new IBAN for up-to-date system or address book

Switch Check info

SurePay PayID

  • Customers pay in your banking app easily and securely to friends and acquaintances on their contact list
  • SurePay PayID uses the smart IBAN-Name Check algorithm for this

SurePay PayID

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