Always up-to-date with the SurePay Switch Check

Would you like to know immediately whether a contact person or company has switched to another bank? With the Switch Check from SurePay you see this automatically.

  • BNG Bank

    Smooth implementation of IBAN-Name Check and Switch Check at BNG Bank. Within 4 weeks (2 sprints) the connection between our systems and the SurePay API was realized. Read client case
  • Energy supplier

    By integrating the SurePay IBAN-Name Check, we have been able to drastically reduce the number of frauds and bad debts. That is beneficial for our existing customers! Read client case

Simple check on a IBAN switch

The Switch Check from SurePay uses the data to indicate whether an account holder has switched to a new bank. The new IBAN is simply stored with customer data in his address book.

Are you already using our IBAN-Name Check API?

Then you can easily add the Switch Check to this.

This is the Switch Check

  1. Notification upon initiation of payment
    If a bank uses the SurePay Switch Check, the payer will be notified when the payee has switched to another bank. This way he can immediately pay to the new IBAN and update his address book. This speeds up the adoption of new account numbers.
  2. Switch Check in the API for banks and companies
    The Switch Check is available as an extra service in the IBAN-Name Check API. In case of a "match / near match" result to a switched beneficiary, the API issues a notification with the new IBAN. With a "no match", this is obviously not given to discourage phishing of account numbers. In consultation we can make the Switch Check available to users of the IBAN-Name Check API.
  3. Banks comply with BIBI with the Switch Check
    The Dutch Payments Association requires all banks participating in the Switching Service to introduce BIBI (Informing Payers At Initiation) by the end of 2020 at the latest. These banks will show their customers a notification by the end of 2020 for persons and companies that have switched, via mobile banking or online banking. By using the Switch Check, a bank immediately complies with BIBI.

Advantages of the Switch Check

For Banks

  • Available as an extra service with IBAN-Name Check for Banks
  • Using the entire Switching table of the Dutch Payments Association (for participating banks)
  • Can be applied directly in the online banking environment, just like the IBAN-Name Check
  • New IBAN can be directly stored by customer in address book
  • With the Switch Check, a bank complies with the regulations of the Dutch Payments Association (BIBI) at the end of 2020
  • Obviously well protected against phishing

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For Companies and Organisations

  • Available as an extra service at IBAN-Name Check Companies
  • Available if your own bank participates in the Switching Service and grants permission for processing data
  • Can be applied in the same way in your own environment via the IBAN-Name Check API
  • Immediately save the new information in the supplier or customer system
  • No extra administration or delays when a customer or supplier switches to another bank

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More information about the Switch Check

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