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Working at SurePay

What tools / software / hardware do you use?

We use a selection of tools at SurePay within different departments. We won't give a full list here but for example everybody uses Apple products (Mac, iPhone etc.) and the Google Suite. Our solution is fully cloud based on AWS.

What kind of people does SurePay hire?

We look for people who share and embody our core values. We look for those who have a professional attitude but also like to have fun! We also want people who have clear, aligning motivations and show that they’re passionate about the role they’re applying for.

Does SurePay allow flexible working hours?

At SurePay we understand that everyone’s personal situation is different. We are generally flexible with our approach to work and allow full and part-time depending on the position. For most positions we give the option of 32, 36 or 40 hours. We operate on the basis of trust to do your hours and do not have a strict start and finish time. For the most part we do expect employees to be available in normal office hours, but things like appointments or starting/finishing earlier or later when needed is something that you can manage yourself.

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